Who We Are
Nambawan Super Limited is the corporate trustee of the Public Officers Superannuation Fund (“The Fund”), an Authorised Superannuation Fund, operating as an accumulation fund.
Our History
Superannuation as we know today, started as a pension scheme on 8 June 1962 under the Papua and New Guinea Retirement Benefits Act 1960.
Our Vision, Mission, Values
The Vision, Mission, and Corporate Values of Nambawan Super Limited is formulated through prudential standards that encourages growth for the Fund and its members.
Our Board
The Constitution currently provides that the maximum number of Board of Directors of the Trustee shall be nine.
Members of our Board make up the various committees that drive the operational activities of Nambawan Super Limited
Our Executive Management provides the impetus for the day-to-day operational goals. We some of the best in the industry.
Superannuation Act
The Public Officers Superannuation Fund (POSF) was established by the Public Officers Superannuation Fund Ordinance 1971 (POSF Ordinance) which came into force on 23 December 1971.