What is MiCash Mobile Wallet?

MiCash is a Bank Account that is operated through a mobile phone attached to the Digicel network

What is Choice Super?

Choice Super is a Product developed under the Nambawan Super Brand. This Product is developed to facilitate Voluntary Superannuation Services targeting people who are not formally employed.

How is MiCash Mobile Wallet related to Choice Super?

You can now use MiCash to transfer money to your Choice Super Account using your Mobile Phone.

What is Voluntary Superannuation?

Voluntary Superannuation as the name suggest, is the superannuation savings where members contribute towards their retirement savings on a voluntary basis.

Who Can Join?

  • Employees of companies employing below 15
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Small business Operators / Local PMV operators / Farmers / Fisherman
  • Land owners in mining and LNG Projects
  • An Expatriate Worker

How Do I Register?

Visit any nearest NSL branch outlet or MiBank agent/branch and fill a Choice Super Member Registration Form & MiCash Registration Form.

Do I need to download any application to access the MiCash Mobile Wallet?

No. You can access the MiCash Mobile service by dialing *678#, Select option 6 and a secure session will be started.

How can I access MiCash Mobile Wallet Service?

To Access Your MiCash Mobile Wallet Service you must visit a MiBank Branch or MiCash Agent nearest to you with K30 to Register to the service, once you have registered your account, you can then be able to make payments from your MiCash Wallet to Choice Super.

How can I make a Choice Super Payment Using MiCash Wallet?

In order to start using MiCash Mobile Wallet Service:

  • Dial *678#
  • Select Option 6
  • Enter member number
  • Enter amount in Kina
  • Enter PIN
  • Payment is transferred from MiCash Wallet into members’ Choice Super Account.

How secure is the MiCash Mobile Wallet Service?

  • It is secure and enables a more convenient and speedy way to transact using mobile phone while on the move.
  • Transaction can only conducted after entry of PIN and is not stored on the handset.
  • If the session has been inactive for over 2 minutes, this session will be logged off automatically.
  • Menu based session is 120 seconds.

Is the PIN associated with the service and how do I get it?

The System generates the PIN and issues it to the user via SMS after you fill a MiCash Registration Form

How can I block my service if I lost my mobile handset?

You can block access to the service by calling our Customer Service Centre on 1599 and an Agent will assist you.

How can I reset my PIN?

You can reset PIN by calling the Call Centre on 1599 and a Member Service Officer will assist you.

What if I change my mobile number?

You need to update your new mobile number on the Choice Super Registration form to re-register to access the service. You can contact Call Centre on 1599 to assist you.

Will I be able to access this service if I have Bmobile or Telikom Citifon mobile number?

Is there a charge for using Mobile Banking?

  • There is no cost for using the Airtime Service
  • 50t service fee is charged to your MiCash account when doing transactions

How much can I Contribute?

Minimum Contribution is K20 and can be paid into your Choice Super Account anytime within one month.

What Happens to the Contributions?

Contributions received from Members are managed by Nambawan Super Ltd and is
invested. Interest is paid annually into Members Accounts.

What type of benefits are available?

The service and benefits that are accorded to compulsory contributors are also applicable to Choice Super Members

How much are you entitled to after contributing?

The Net benefit a member entitled to is the total contributions plus Interest. Less withdrawal fee of K20.00 and tax on any interest earned.

When can a Member withdraw their savings?

Under the Superannuation Act 2002, members are entitled to withdraw their savings on ground of unemployment, retirement, permanent disability, death or permanent emigration.