60 years of Building Better Futures

Written: 22 August 2022

This year, we at Nambawan Super are excited to be celebrating our 60th Anniversary of ‘Building Better Futures’ for our hard-working current and past members throughout PNG.

The NSL Board, Management and Staff extend their thanks to the Fund’s stakeholders, employers and most importantly to our members past and present for supporting Nambawan Super throughout our 60 years of service to the people of PNG.

As the largest PNG Superannuation Fund, Nambawan Super is proud to have maintained its mission of delivering services to grow and protect member funds throughout our 60 years of operation.

As the Trustee of over 214,000 members, NSL remains committed to maintaining its high level of member services through the upskilling of staff, delivery of more superannuation awareness, and continued rollout of the NSL Financial Literacy Training to better enable members to take advantage of NSL’s superannuation products and services for a better retirement outcome.

Nambawan Super aims to continue working with the futures of our members at the forefront of all our endeavours, as we have done so for the last 60 years, and hope to continue doing so for the next 60 years and further.

Nambawan Super 2022 Financial Results Announcement

Nambawan Super 2022 Financial Results Announcement

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