Written: 8 October 2019

School fees, housing, medical expenses, and customary obligations can take a big chunk out of your salary when you’re working, but when you retire and no longer get a regular income, dealing with those costs could become stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Planning for retirement and saving your money with superannuation, sometimes referred to as super, fund like Nambawan Super means that when you retire you will still have access to an income and maybe even do some of the things you only dreamt about while you were employed but didn’t have the time for.

Anastasia Kawi is a great example of someone who’s doing this successfully. The career agriculturalist started working with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in 1992, and eight years later joined NARI. In 2014 she moved to National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) as the Regional Plant Protection Officer in Kokopo.

“I’ve planned the remaining years of my career before exit, and I’ve been maximising every opportunity to ensure that I walk out on my retirement day with enough savings to sustain me, with minimal financial issues.”

Anastasia was saving with a couple of financial institutions, in addition to the super contributions she was making to Nambawan Super, and she saw a big difference in the returns she was getting between the super fund and the other places.

She started looking for a way to increase her super contributions and learned about Nambawan Super’s Voluntary Contributions feature.

“I joined and in such a short time my savings escalated tremendously and it’s a very good feeling. The extra savings on top of the mandatory contributions has impacted my total balance. And I am always boasting that saving within the superannuation industry is safe and secure and the returns are awesome.”

Anastasia’s decision to increase her saving with Nambawan Super was simply to boost her contributions. Not that she was getting paid a lot but because she wanted to SAVE.

“My contributions increase by the interest rate that Nambawan Super declares from the earnings they generate by investing on my behalf. I’m always encouraging my colleagues to take advantage of the services that Nambawan Super offers.”

She adds that another advantage of saving for retirement with Nambawan Super is there are no fees or charges.

“With Nambawan Super’s voluntary contribution product your savings are bound to grow as your super contributions grow in a tax-friendly environment. Voluntary Contributions equals faster growth of savings in a shorter time.”

If you interested in doing voluntary contribution visit your nearest NSL Office Phone our call centre on 1599 Email callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg or click here

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