Written: 26 November 2020

Two members who start work today, both have the same starting salary of K25,000 per year.

Member A decides to make a voluntary contribution of 4% on top on their normal 6% employee contribution.

Member B decides to only contribute the mandatory 6% employee contribution.

Let’s see how their super is doing after 10, 20 and 30 years!


Note: Model Assumption: These are forwarded projections using 7% annual interest rate and a CPI of 1% has been applied to members’ salary for each year. Actual results will vary on final annual returns


After just 10 years, Member A is K13,000 ahead, by 20 years they are more than K50,000 better off, and at retirement Member A has more than K100,000 extra for an even better retirement.

 Don’t get left behind – start doing Voluntary Contribution today.


1 . Download a Pay Variation Advice form for Employee Voluntary Contribution Deduction.

2. Complete the form, nominating your additional Voluntary Contribution amount or    percentage.

3. Submit the form to your Payroll team for authorisation.

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