Written: 27 July 2020

As a result of Covid-19 Withdrawals and Public Sector reforms Nambawan Super is anticipating higher outgoing payments than the K546 million paid in 2019.

Nambawan Super’s investment team is keeping a close eye on investment performance as it is preparing for an expected increase in exits from the Fund in 2020.

To ensure members have funds available when needed the investment team have focused on liquidity, and are holding higher cash reserves in the fund’s investment bank account.

COVID 19 is having a global impact, but it is too early to call if that will result in a negative return.

If Nambawan Super, does make a loss in 2020, it is not due to poor management or poor regulation, but the perfect storm of poor local economic conditions coupled with the biggest global economic downturn in 100 years.

However, superannuation is a long term investment and at times we must hold our nerve and wait for the eventual market recoveries that we know do occur.

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