Written: 15 October 2019

Being an Employer is about a lot more than simply getting work done. You manage people, you are a part of a team and workmates become family. You care about them and want to be sure they are okay.

Nambawan Super employers tell us they care about the wellbeing of their staff, both while they are working and worry about how their staff will manage when they retire.

As an Employer, by contributing to Nambawan Super, you are already helping prepare your staff for life after work.

Under the current superannuation law, employers with 15 or more employees are required to contribute 8.4% of the employee’s salary to their superannuation account whilst employees must contribute 6%.

But will this be enough to fund a comfortable and happy retirement?

Did you know that your employees can increase their mandatory employee contribution from 6% up to as much as 15%? This is called voluntary contribution.

Nambawan Super knows that members who make Voluntary Contributions greatly improve their retirement savings and the chance for a happy retirement.

So how better off will your staff be with voluntary contributions?

Voluntary Contributions

Four people, four different employee contributions more than K100,000 difference

Joe, Mary, Jerry and Jane all earn K25,000 per year. Joe does the normal contribution of 6% while Mary, Jerry, and Frank contribute more but at different levels. Let’s see how they go after 20 years contributing and assuming that Nambawan Super pays an average of 8% interest each year.

Increasing Employer contribution for your staff

Did you know that staff can also increase their employer contribution from 8.4% to 15%? Up until 2019, this was done as a Salary Sacrifice, however with recent IRC changes each employee who wants to pay more superannuation before tax must have it built into their employment contract.

Why should your staff increase their employer contribution portion?

Increasing employer contributions means your staff save income tax, effectively putting those tax savings into super before they are taxed. This type of contribution will be of greatest benefit to your highest earning staff, especially those earning more than K70,000 per year, where they are paying a marginal tax rate of 40%. But even staff earning between K12,500 and K20,000 per annum benefit through increased pre-tax contributions.

How it works out

See for yourself how Voluntary Contribution or increasing Employer Contributions make savings grow!

Nambawan Super has developed a Superannuation Calculator so our members and employers can see how additional contributions, and saving for longer periods of time, makes a BIG difference to superannuation balance.

Put your personal details into our calculator, and then increase your employee Voluntary Contribution to 9, 12 or 15% – and watch how the savings increase – not only through the money saved but the interest earned from the savings.

You can also change the fields to see the benefits of making more before tax employer contributions.

Try our calculator and see how Voluntary Contributions will grow your retirement savings.K10 a week

In short, we’ve done the calculations the numbers and know even as little as K10 a week can really help boost your retirement savings. Click on the picture below and see.

Click and find out

Start the conversation about Super Savings with your team

To help Employers improve awareness of the benefits of making Voluntary Contributions Nambawan Super has prepared an employer voluntary contributions tool-kit. The information pack includes:

  • Powerpoint presentation for Employers to deliver a Lunch Box Awareness session
  • Fact sheet on increasing Employee Voluntary Contribution
  • Fact sheet on increasing Employer Contribution
  • Pay Variation Advice form for Employee Voluntary Contribution Deduction
Request an Employer VC Toolkit



VC Form







Autofill [Please email me an Employer – Let’s Talk Voluntary Contribution info pack] but easy to type over


3 easy steps to get your staff to start employee Voluntary Contribution

  1. Download a Pay Variation Advice form for Employee Voluntary Contribution Deduction
  2. Have your interested Staff complete the form, and nominate additional voluntary contribution amount or percentage.
  3. Submit the form to your Payroll team for authorisation

If you are having any difficulty getting voluntary contribution started, contact us on email: callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg call 1599 or visit a branch so one of the team can assist you.

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