Written: 26 July 2021

Nambawan Super Limited delivered its 2021 Annual Member and Employer Conference through the National Broadcasting Commission of Papua New Guinea (NBC PNG) on Thursday, 20 May 2021.

This year the conference was able to reach a lot more audiences with members being able to watch on NBC Television, as well as listening in on NBC Radio. In addition, the video was available on NSL’s website, YouTube channel, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages, for those who could conveniently access the internet.”

In addition, over 400 members registered they were planning on viewing the conference. Close to 100 employers registered 3,500 of their employees were going watch or listen to the conference from their workplaces.

Presenters had 90 minutes to share what is usually delivered in a one-day conference in Port Moresby.

As per tradition, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Vere Arava delivered a Prayer with Nambawan Super Limited Chairman, Reg Monagi did the opening Welcome remarks.

Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer, provided an overview of the Fund’s 2020 Performance and Highlights and outlined a range of initiatives the Fund has been exploring to help members buy a home.

Our new Chief Investment Officer, David Kitchnoge, presented the Investment performance in greater detail.

Presenting for the first time in 2021, Evangeline Taunao, Manager Branch Operations, presented a detailed look at Member Outcomes in 2020 and outlined some new projects underway in 2021 such as the refurbishment of the Nambawan Super Mt Hagen Branch.

Chris Mota, Manager Employer Relations, provided an update on current Employer initiatives including the new Employer Payment Portal that will make remitting member contributions easier and more efficient for employers.

The final presentation was from the CEO of Nambawan Savings and Loans Society. NSLS has been helping Nambawan Super members save for their short-term needs for more than a decade.

Read more in our July edition of Nambawan SuperTok newsletter.

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