Mr Hau’ofa Sailasa

Written: 31 March 2022

This retired career public servant is doing what he loves the most today with his Nambawan Super Retirement Savings Account (RSA) – gone fishing!

With an RSA, Mr Hau’ofa Sailasa travels often from Alotau to Misima Island where he hails from, on fishing expeditions, giving him the chance to also, enjoy the company of his relatives.

“I really enjoy fishing, and now I can continue to do this in retirement. You can see the benefits of saving more while you work and opening an RSA with Nambawan Super when you retire. You don’t have to be tied down with little to no finance.”

Taking charge of Saving for your Retirement

When you meet Mr Sailasa, from Misima Island in the Milne Bay Province, his calm and respectful demeanour sets you at ease. However, he leaves ‘no stone unturned’ when it comes to encouraging others to take charge of their finances for a comfortable retirement.

“When I was nearing retirement, I thought about how everyone else would be on the payroll, except for me. I thought about running out of money, and what I would become. If you are in the same situation, it’s important to think about it constructively, so you can resist the temptation to use up all your hard earned savings in one go.”

“I have seen some of my former colleagues withdraw all of their retirement savings soon after they’re finished from work, and it’s all gone within months. I also heard about those losing their retirement savings to fast moneymaking schemes. Some will offer you a quick turnaround of profit in a short space of time.”

“It’s unrealistic, there is no such thing. You will end up being the victim.”

What a Nambawan RSA can do for you

“You can avoid a financial crisis in retirement by opening an RSA and getting the financial support and advice you need from Nambawan Super.”

“I felt apprehensive when I was in the process of retiring, but the concept of having an RSA eased my concerns. It made sense to get fortnightly payments so I would have something for my living expenses. Then, the remainder of my RSA balance would continue to be invested so I could make more money through the interest I was earning.”

“It’s really important to be wise and careful, and to set limitations on use, especially with money. So if you find it hard to do this, an RSA with Nambawan Super can help you with that.”

“I have been an RSA Member with Nambawan Super since I retired in 2017. Unlike other funds, Nambawan Super has a proven track record, and was one that I knew I could trust.”

Think Long Term if you want a comfortable retirement

“Even after you’ve opened an RSA, we still have to think ahead. What’s constantly at the back of my mind is how these savings can last longer to continue to take care of us.”

“The pressures of spending towards family and children going to school can get you to spend all your retirement savings. That’s why we also need to save towards an emergency fund that can complement our Nambawan Super retirement savings. The best time to do this is when you start working.”

“When the time comes, you know you won’t have to depend completely on your RSA, which will become the main source of income, much later in retirement.”

“With an RSA to back us up, my wife and I can sustain ourselves without continuously asking our children for money, even though they are always checking on us. Our children have their own lives to live, and we should allow them to live and sustain themselves, until we really need them.”

A Special Message for our Young People

“My greatest joy in retirement has been helping young people at Alotau’s United Church to gain confidence through financial literacy and money management.”

“A good start for anyone looking to save for retirement is to join a fund like Nambawan Super. By doing this, you are saving for the long term, and you will be thankful you did this, when you retire.”

“My upbringing taught me not to rely on my parents, but on what little I had, and to make it last. If you can set a financial goal, and do this, you might just achieve financial freedom.”

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