Written: 19 August 2019

To provide a strong, long term performance, NSL invests across PNG and overseas. And as a profit-for-member-only fund, members reap the return from our diverse investment with no other shareholders taking a return.

Nambawan Super’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer, says that the Fund’s strong focus on property investments is to ensure that there is an income yield coming directly to the Fund that help offset for movements in the valuations and currency fluctuations.

“One of the strategies NSL has been concentrating on is progressing a number of larger property developments and we are pleased to see Nambawan Super Plaza is now complete and getting ready to welcome the first tenants,” he said.

The actual income generated through investments like property helps create a buffer when capital gains are not as strong year to year.

Supporting and investing in major, successful PNG companies is another key focus of the Fund.

In 2018 NSL supported one of its major local investments, Paradise Company Ltd, to acquire Laga Industries.

Paradise Foods has historically delivered strong financial returns for members. By supporting Paradise Company to acquire Laga Industries, it is expected that these two great PNG  organisations will continue to grow their businesses in a more efficient manner, with both Paradise and Laga products now available across the entire country via shared and enhanced distribution channels.

“We’re making sure that each year we continue to grow our members’ money from the profits we receive through interest, dividends, and rentals.”

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