Let Nambawan Super take care of your tomorrow, while you’re busy living for today!

It’s important for you to take one day at a time, as we journey through tough times together. While living in the present, you still need a lifeline for a better tomorrow. That’s why we’re here to take the worry of tomorrow off your shoulders.

Thinking Long Term in Tough Times

The Coronavirus pandemic is not only a threat to our lives, but our livelihoods as well. We can’t control the economy – it fluctuates; going up and down.  What we can control is how we respond to it to protect members’ savings in the best and the worst of times.

Over the past 10 years, our members’ savings averaged a growth of 7.4% per year. To achieve this success, we’ve worked harder in tougher years to minimise losses and seized every opportunity to recover, grow and be profitable in good years.



In 2011 for instance, we experienced a low return of only 2%, followed by an achievement of 11% in the two years that followed. While you’re living for today, you can trust Nambawan Super, the biggest and best-performing super fund in PNG to take care of your long term savings and retirement needs.

Can we expect a low return in 2020?

Is it too early to call? Given the very tough local and global economic conditions, members should prepare for a lower interest rate this year. Nambawan Super will continue working hard to minimise losses and capture any profit we can. At this time we believe that a small but positive return is possible. However, there are factors that will be considered over the final quarter, in particular valuations of businesses and properties, that could result in a negative interest rate. 


The power of Long Term savings

While it’s difficult to see into the future, what we do know is that superannuation is the best long term investment for members. We provide the best options for our members. All you need to do to gain a lot more later is simply save a little more now. Through the power of compound interest, you can get your money to make more money.This means earning interest on your savings, which we continue to reinvest to make even more money for you.

Interested in saving a little more now, for a lot more later? One of the best ways to do this is through a Voluntary Contribution. Our online calculator can help you see how much you need and can save for your retirement.

Our Members are creating a better future through Long Term savings

You too can create a better future yourself and your loved ones through Long Term savings with Nambawan Super.

Gladys is an Electrical Mechanic Apprentice with PNG Power who is just starting out with Nambawan Super. Her first year of savings will benefit from 40 years of compound interest. While year-to-year the interest paid may go up or down, over the long term her super will grow.

Gladys Manau

Member Ambassador

Mark is the Head Teacher at Kalamanaguan Primary School in East New Britain Province. He has been with Nambawan Super for the long term, and while the economy has gone up and down, his super savings have continued to grow. After more than 40 years of work, Mark will be ready for a happy retirement.

Mark Petelo

Member Ambassador

As an ambassador for Nambawan Super, I tell people and especially my colleagues that Nambawan Super is here for the long run. We may commit 30 to 40 years of our life with our employer but when we retire, we will benefit from our savings with Nambawan Super. This is why I always encourage staff who haven’t done Voluntary Contributions, to start now to benefit more when they retire.

Kathy Ken

Member Ambassador

Are you dreaming of early retirement or wondering if you have a viable retirement plan?

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