Written: 25 November 2021

Nambawan Super has 12 member discount providers that will continue to lower the cost of medical services provided to its members across PNG in 2021.

 In Port Moresby, the providers include Pacific International Hospital (20% off and special prices for consultation), Kambual MDCS Limited Medical Clinic (20% off), Ela Medical Centre (20% off), Paradise Private Hospital (15% off), and WR Dental Clinic (20% off).

 The Fund had been working hard to ensure its discounts for medical services could also be extended to more members, especially those who live and work outside of Port Moresby.

 Other regional locations including at Lae International Hospital (20% off and special prices for consultation), Goroka Private Clinic (10%), West New Britain Clinic (10%) in Kimbe, Madang Medical Centre (17%), and Natu Medical Services (10%) in Madang, and at the Kokopo Optical Clinic (10%).

 In Kiunga in the Western Province can now save more with a 15% discount at WP Construction & Pharmacy Hardware on products including pharmaceuticals.

 The importance of health care and the wellbeing of our members during this Coronavirus pandemic is extremely critical, yet it hasn’t been easy for everyone to access with the rising cost of goods and services that we are all experiencing across the country.

 Members without ID cards can visit their nearest NSL branch to get a membership ID card printed or FREE CALL 180 1599 or email: callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg to enquire, to participate in the Discount Program.

See our full Discount Program List

Read more in our November edition of Nambawan SuperTok newsletter.


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