Written: 23 July 2020

Our new campaign puts members at the heart of the Fund and celebrates the breadth of our membership and recognises them for who they are – our true ambassadors.

 In 2019 we did a nationwide call-out for the new faces of Nambawan Super, calling on members to submit video auditions setting ourselves the hard task of selecting 11 members who would represent the Fund.

The brand ambassadors appear in Nambawan Super’s new Television commercial and across a broad range of printed materials.

 The new campaign aims to improve Nambawan Super’s connection with its members and encourage higher levels of engagement and interest in their superannuation.

National Cultural Commission staff undertake FLT

National Cultural Commission staff undertake FLT

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) and the National Cultural Commission (NCC) are pleased with the results of their recent partnership which led to 37 NCC staff receiving their Certificates of Completion for Modules 1 to 3 of the FREE Nambawan Super Financial Literacy...