Written: 21 July 2020

During campaign development, several ideas were tested with staff and members. In the end – the idea that our members enjoyed most, generating the strongest connection, was grounded in a dong. But our members also told us that we needed to take the song idea presented in testing to being a much more contemporary, PNG song.

This was the challenge that we asked David Bridie, through his label Wantok Musik, to help the Fund address. From there we were connected to David’s long term PNG music collaborator George Telek, with the pair working together to compose the music for the new Nambawan Super Campaign song.

To record the radio ads, George and Merani Mesani collaborated with Local producer Ben Hakalits and local music Pais Wasi, recording the song in Port Moresby – in a make shift studio at the Gateway Hotel.

Song Lyrics

Nambawan Super em bilong ol tisa olsem mi

Nambawan’ sfor everyone, on land ….. and on

The sea!

I manage retail centres, my company’s in it too

Mi polisman

Mi Lukautim road

Man.. what a view!

You see Nambawan’s for everyone

No matter what you do

While I work hard for family

We work hard for you

 Nambawan Super (For Everyone)

Nambawan Super (bilong Yumi Olgeta)

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