Written: 1 May 2020

Nambawan Super is encouraging members to utilise the online services during the State of Emergency period.

 Whilst most Nambawan Super branches have remained open during the State of Emergency, limits are now in place on the number of members that can be in a Branch at any one time.

 Nambawan Super Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer reminded members that Nambawan Super has online services including an internet portal and smartphone App that allow members to access their statements and account details anytime, anywhere and on any Android and Apple devices.

 “Members with smartphones can download their statement, see their contribution history, monitor their housing advance eligibility, check their latest balances and update their personal information including their contact details.”

 The Nambawan Super smartphone app is available on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes store. Instructions on how to sign up for our online services are available on our website

 Mr Sayer said for members who do not have smartphones they can sign up for the SMS balance service.

 Nambawan Super has taken the necessary steps to ensure consistent service remains available to members during Convid-19 lockdown.

 “Since the Government’s announcement that all essential financial services remain open during the State of Emergency, Nambawan Super Branches and Call centre have continued to help members across PNG.”

 “But we need members to help to protect our staff and other members which is why members are encouraged to call the contact centre or free call 180 1599 for assistance before visiting a Branch. “

 “Our contact centre receives daily updates on the status of Branches across the country, and can often provide assistance to members who need basic services – reducing face-to-face contact in our Branches during this time.”

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