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  • Audit & Risk Committee Charter
  • Investment Committee Charter
  • Membership Committee Charter
  • Remuneration & Nomination Committee Charter
  • Transformation Committee Charter

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Employer Conference, 2021

Employer Conference, 2021

Nambawan Super Limited delivered its 2021 Annual Member and Employer Conference through the National Broadcasting Commission of Papua New Guinea (NBC PNG) on Thursday, 20 May 2021. This year the conference was able to reach a lot more audiences with members being able...

Trust in Super’s power

Trust in Super’s power

My name is Mikal Tiale and I trust Nambawan Super because I have seen the benefits first hand, thanks to my husband, late Sam Keri Tiale. Whilst conducting a customer experience survey, we met Mikal, a Choice Super member of Nambawan Super and asked her to share her...