Written: 23 April 2023

Nambawan Super is pleased to announce that the Moki Business Park (MBP), comprising a three-story commercial building with a separate archive facility, is nearing building completion.

The construction is now well ahead of the initial target completion date and is scheduled to be completed by June 2023. With an estimated three to six months fit-out time, the MBP is expected to be opened for use by tenants and their clients before the end of this year. As a key investment of Nambawan Super Limited, corporate tenants can enjoy the modern high-quality facilities whilst also being a proud contributor to the growth of over 214,000 Nambawan Super Members’ retirement savings.

The impressive design of this modern commercial building is focused on a spacious level that’s divided by a central service area, creating twin towers that are three floors high. To suit the tropical climate, the MBP has a mixture of beautifully landscaped areas that compliment the surrounding landscape and street.

There are also plans in place to accommodate ATMs, a small café/retail space on the ground floor, and ample parking allotments to add further convenience for tenants and visitors. The friendly relaxed finish will be conducive to a comfortable and productive work environment.

In addition, the Moki Business Park is conveniently located in the heart of Waigani’s Business and Government district along Kumul Avenue. This strategic location will allow tenants and visitors better access to other service providers like the Central Government Office, Telikom Rumana, Papua New Guinea Civil & Identity Registry as well as some of the largest shopping malls in Port Moresby such as Rangeview Plaza and Vision City Mega Mall.

Pre-leasing opportunities for this prestigious office space are currently available. Interested clients can contact the Nambawan Super Properties team for information and inspection.

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