Written: 20 December 2021

Nambawan Super today congratulated Papua New Guinea’s most dedicated workers for continuing to tackle the threat of Covid-19 in the front lines across the country in 2021.

Front Line Workers including nurses, doctors, medical officers, teachers, police and correctional service officers have continued to play a crucial role, in ensuring health, education and law and order services remain operational throughout the country.

Chairman of Nambawan Super, Mr Reg Monagi said: “Nambawan Super congratulates our Front Line Workers in our towns and in the remotest parts of Papua New Guinea, for their commendable service.”

“We recognise the fact that our Front Line Workers, who are our members, are continuing to serve under pressure and with limited resources, staff shortages and even pay cuts in the toughest of times,” he said.

 “Their continued work in higher risk environments, have made them more vulnerable to Covid-19, coupled by the lack of reliable information on Covid-19 being received initially by first responders, and then by our people throughout the country.”

“Papua New Guinea currently has a Level 4 Travel Health Notice issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country, compared to the rest of the world,” he said.

Mr Monagi urged: “In order to see positive results for Papua New Guinea, we need to protect our Front Line Workers so they continue to do their best work. We can do this by getting ourselves and our loved ones vaccinated, which means they are protected too.”

As a major Fund, Nambawan Super has continued to strive for results during the pandemic, and has remained optimistic about its investment returns for 2021.

Mr Monagi believes however that an increase in Papua New Guineans getting the approved vaccines that are available in the country, would enable more positive movement in the country’s economy.

“It will strengthen investor confidence; lift the country’s total income and safely open up travel to welcome economic activity including more jobs; and, more importantly, we will start to see this cascade to better lives for our people,” Mr Monagi said.

“Despite the odds we have faced this year, our Front Line Workers are the most resilient workers we have, who continue to serve and give us their best, with what little they have available to work with,” he added.

“Let’s get ourselves and our families vaccinated this festive season to protect Front Line Workers so Papua New Guinea can get ahead,” he said.

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