Written: 2 May 2021

Nambawan Super is pleased to announce that our official media partner for the 2021 Employer and Member Conference is the National Broadcasting Commission of Papua New Guinea (NBC PNG). The partnership will see NBC PNG broadcast the conference on National Television (NBC TV) and simulcast on NBC National Radio at 12:30pm on Thursday 20 May, followed by a live Q&A session at 2:00pm on NBC Radio.

Nambawan Super Chief Executive Officer Paul Sayer said the partnership enabled the Fund to become the first super fund in PNG to broadcast a Conference nationwide through television and radio.

“We are excited about how working with NBC will help us connect with more Employer Representatives and Members this year.”

“Covid-19 is making us look at how we deliver the Employer Conference differently.” 

“Last year, we streamed the conference to 5 streaming hubs, and to anywhere in PNG with an internet connection. The format was extremely well received with attendees, but many people in rural and remote areas weren’t able to connect via Facebook or Zoom. 

“In 2021 our partnership with NBC PNG will bring the conference closer to employer groups and members that find it hardest to access our services – in rural and remote areas – where more than 85% of the population including ‘front line workers’ live,” he said.

Mr Sayer said a key session in 2021 will be the investment update.

“Members and Employers want to understand how the low investment return occurred for 2020 and understand more about how the Fund manages the substantial asset base of K8.14billion,” he said.

“The Conference gives us the time needed to go through the Fund outcomes in detail and explain how investment returns are determined.”

“Members and Employers always find the conference really valuable – especially the sessions on investments and member initiatives.”

Nambawan Super is expected to also announce new initiatives already underway, which are the first of their kind to be introduced into the superannuation industry in Papua New Guinea.
“The initiatives that are transforming the Fund’s operations to ensure we can continue to meet customer needs into the future.” Mr. Sayer said.

“At Nambawan Super, we are continuously exploring new ways to improve our services for Employers and Members.”

In addition to NBC’s nationwide coverage on television and radio, employer representatives and members have the option to access the Nambawan Employer Conference through Nambawan Super’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The Nambawan Super Employer Conference has traditionally seen Employer Representatives travel to Port Moresby to receive updates and engage with the Fund.

Covid-19 restrictions have encouraged the Fund to explore new ways of delivering our services, including the Employer Conference.

Nambawan Super’s Chairman Reg Monagi, Chief Executive Officer Paul Sayer, Chief Investment Officer David Kitchnoge, and other senior leaders of the Fund will be speaking at the 2021 conference.

Go to our Employer Conference page and save the date into your Google Calendar! 

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