Written: 8 December 2021

Nambawan Super officially announced today that it has become a BSP mobile banking merchant, bringing its Super services closer to its Choice Super members.

Choice Super members at Nambawan Super can now make payments from anywhere in Papua New Guinea, with ease through Bank South Pacific’s 24-hour mobile banking services.

Nambawan Super CEO Mr Paul Sayer encouraged Choice Super members to utilise the service by quickly signing up for BSP’s mobile banking at their nearest BSP branch.

“Once you’ve signed up, you can deposit into your Choice Super account by dialling *131# from your Digicel or Bmobile phones, which is more convenient than commuting every fortnight or month to make a super payment,” Mr Sayer said.

He added that the new service through BSP’s mobile banking would significantly benefit Choice Super members who range from those in the informal sector such as oil palm growers to small business owners, village court officials, contract workers and expatriates.

“We are pleased that Choice Super members, who may have had difficulty with accessing our services because of the remote location of their workplaces or the inability to access our online services, can now save more efficiently and get more from their Super with mobile banking,” Mr. Sayer said.

“Enabling this super payment service through BSP, means our Members can easily credit their accounts in a timely manner, using their mobile phones and will no longer be disadvantaged or lose out on a better outcome for their daily, half yearly and annual interests,” he said.

Mr Sayer also encouraged all Members to register their mobile numbers with Nambawan Super on 1800 1599 or email: CallCentre@nambawansuper.com.pg to register for Nambawan Super’s online member portal, which will provide them with access to how their Super is growing.

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