Written: 27 May 2020

Nambawan Super has announced that it is now allowing members to lodge applications online.

 Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer said applications for Continuous Unemployment Benefit Payment, RSA withdrawals except for minors and Normal State Share Claims can now be lodged electronically

 “Because of Covid-19, the fund wanted to look at ways to help members to lodge their application without having to physically come into the office.”

 “This arrangement saves time for our members and makes the process much more convenient for them.

 Members are encouraged to send applications for Continuous Unemployment Benefit Payment, RSA withdrawals to BenefitPayment@nambawansuper.com.pg for processing.

 “Normal benefit payout applications are not included in this arrangement and still requires members to lodge in person.”

 Mr Sayer reminded members that apart from lodging applications they can also utlise other online services such as the internet portal and smartphone App that allows members to access their statements and account details anytime, anywhere and on any

Android and Apple devices.

 “Members with smartphones can download their statement, see their contribution history, monitor their housing advance eligibility, check their latest balances and update their personal information including their contact details.”

 The Nambawan Super smartphone app is available on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes store. Instructions on how to sign up for our online services are available on our website

Members who have queries regarding this can contact the Nambawan Super Toll-free number 180 1599 or email: callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg

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