Left to Right: Mr Daniel Siaguru-Khaisir and Mr Michael Uriari

Written: 22 August 2022

Earlier this year, Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) appointed Mr Michael Uriari and Mr Daniel Siaguru-Khaisir as the Fund’s newest Independent Trustee Directors for a 3-year term.

Nambawan Super Chairman Mr Reg Monagi welcomed them to the Board noting that their collective skills, networks and experience in their respective fields would quickly make them valuable members of the Fund’s Trustee Board.

“Mr Uiari has over 20 years of extensive legal, management and executive-level experience in PNG’s oil and gas, mining and electricity sectors.”

“Throughout his career, he has developed comprehensive skills in strategy and planning, legal functions, analytics, commercial operations, communications, stakeholder engagement and management.”

“Mr Siaguru-Kaiser joined NSL as a Trainee Director in 2019 and has since proven to be a valuable participant in discussions at Board and Committee meetings.”

“He has shown that he is an innovative, highly skilled and capable professional throughout his 19-year career in rotor-wing and inland logistics, property, professional services, international development and hospitality.”

“The Board is confident that the addition of their experience and talents will be vital to the continued high performance of the Fund for the benefit of our members”, Mr Monagi said.

The two new Directors replaced former Directors Dr Albert Mellam, Dr David Kavanamur and former Chairman Mr Anthony Smarè.

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