Nambawan Super Branches resume full services

Written: 15 August 2022

Nambawan Super has announced the resumption of full counter services for Members at all Provincial and Regional Branches as of Monday, 1 August 2022.

As Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed, Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) is now returning to its pre-Covid-19 schedule whereby members can access all counter services from Monday to Friday. Members are encouraged to continue exercising the Covid-19 Niupela Pasin practices when visiting their local Branches.

NSL CEO Mr Paul Sayer stated that the Fund was pleased to be resuming full counter services allowing for members to lodge applications, raise enquiries and receive support from NSL staff without undue delays.

 “We thank our Members for your patience and understanding throughout the Pandemic and we look forward to continuing delivery of high-quality services and support to you, as we have done so for the last 60 years”, he said.

“I would also like to commend our members that have started taking advantage of our digital services through our Call Centre, direct emails, member portal and mobile app.”

“With more members becoming accustomed to our digital services, we have been able to maintain a high level of service delivery despite the Covid-19 restrictions.”

“We encourage our Members to save time online by registering for our online services, through which they can easily download statements, check their housing advance eligibility, and track contributions and interest earned”, he added.

Mr Sayer also advised that the relaxation of restrictions is a good indicator of businesses returning to normal post-pandemic.

“Like all PNG businesses, Nambawan Super experienced a number of challenges brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic, however, these small changes are crucial to helping restart economic growth which will benefit all”, Mr Sayer said.

“The Fund remains cautiously optimistic as we are still experiencing challenges from the Ukraine-Russia war and the resulting record high inflation rates.”

“NSL is continuing to work on maximizing benefits for our 214,000 Members and to minimize the impacts of a slowing global growth whilst also preparing to capitalise on what experts believe may be another period of strong economic growth for PNG over the next few years”, he concluded.

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