Written: 11 September 2020

Today Chairman of Nambawan Super, Mr Reg Monagi, announced that Mrs Lesieli Taviri has stepped down from the Nambawan Super Board following accepting a new executive leadership position with KinaBank.

KinaBank is one of Nambawan Super’s key local service providers, providing both Licensed Investment Management and Fund Administration services to the Fund.

“Mrs Taviri resigned due the conflict of interest that arose following her appointment to KinaBank as Executive General Manager of Banking,” Mr Monagi said.

“Mrs Taviri has been a Trustee Director for Nambawan Super since 2014.

“She has played a key role in the Fund’s transformation over the past 6-years, bringing strategic oversight and guidance to a broad range of initiatives that have been critical to the Fund’s moderisation and progression to a leading private organisation.

“Lesieli has been an energetic and committed Board Member, who progressed to the position of Deputy Chairperson and Chair of the Transformation Committee that oversaw key strategy and innovation programs, and I believe she will bring great skills and experience to her new role.”

“Her resignation leaves one vacant Board position that the Board of Trustees will fill in due course with an appropriately skilled Board ready professional,” Mr Monagi said.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees Mr Monagi congratulated Mrs Taviri and wished her well in her new position.

Nambawan Super is PNG’s leading superannuation fund, servicing more than 200,000 members, with more than K8 billion in fund under management.

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