Written: 27 July 2020

Nambawan Super established its name and logo in 2007, several years after operating under the new legislation. At the time there were few digital communication platforms and the way the logo was used was very much different to the way logos are used today.

After looking at the range of options available to update and modernize the logo, it was decided to retain the primary element of the logo that has been with us since inception, ‘the Kumul’ and evolve the existing logo to a more contemporary representation.

The new Nambawan Super logo is bold, simplistic and meaningful. The colour palette is derived from the PNG Flag and prominent Kumul to proudly reinforce the unique heritage of the Brand. The colour red represents the strength and energy of the Fund. The yellow signifies optimism and the bright future that our members are flying towards.

Together the colours Red, Yellow and Black represent Nambawan Super as Papua New Guinea’s super fund.

During the campaign testing, it was very clear that members had a strong heartfelt connection to the Kumul which provided a sense of optimism, pride and hope – very much a symbol of how members feel about their superannuation savings.

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