NSL 9-mile land Portions

Written: 2 October 2022

Nambawan Super is advising its Members that they should not purchase any land within the Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) owned 9-mile land Portions (2156, 2157, 2158 and 2159) from squatters or people claiming to be agents of the Fund.

NSL CEO Mr Paul Sayer said that they have received reports of individuals and groups of squatters trying to illegally sell portions of NSL’s land in an attempt to de-risk themselves prior to NSL taking vacant possession of the site.

“We have received reports that these groups are targeting Members of Nambawan Super and misleading them into believing that if they purchase the land, they will receive special treatment from NSL,” Mr Sayer stated.

“We have previously informed Members illegally squatting on the NSL owned 9-mile land Portions that there will be no special treatment for Nambawan Super Members or any other organisation, group, or body.”

“NSL is not required by law to compensate or refund any illegal purchases made for its land.”

“We sympathise with the Members that will be affected, however, as the Trustee for over 214,000 hardworking Papua New Guineans we must remain committed to protecting the interests of the Fund’s membership as a whole.”

“To ensure the best development outcome, and lot configurations, the site must be vacant. Major civil works will be required across the site to deliver power, water, drainage, and sealed roads”, he added.

Mr Sayer also advised that NSL is not accepting deposits to secure land at this time and anyone found accepting deposits, or claiming to be an agent of NSL to solicit payments, should be reported immediately to the Site Office and/or the appropriate authorities.

NSL will prosecute anyone who is continuing to sell portions of NSL lands; all such activities are to cease immediately.

Parties interested in purchasing land upon the completion of the redevelopment project should register their interest with the Site Office located on Portion 2157.

The Site Office also continues to provide valuable information and deliver awareness sessions for the benefit of the squatters. It remains open for all enquiries and can be accessed from Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm, and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm.

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