Written: 3 June 2020

Nambawan Super is encouraging members to take advantage of its generous exclusive member discounts from over 150 leading Papua New Guinean businesses for members across the country.

 Paul Sayer, CEO Nambawan Super, said the discounts are available year round, and will provide members with unbeatable deals and savings on the cost of goods and services in this tough economic environment.

 “It has been a difficult time with the coronavirus (covid-19) impacting our members’ livelihoods and communities throughout Papua New Guinea, so we are pleased to offer savings and support to our members through our exclusive ‘member-only’ discount program,” he said.

 The program allows Members to claim discounts of up to 30% on the price of a good or service, simply by presenting their membership ID cards before making a purchase at any Nambawan Super Discount Partner outlet throughout the country.

 Mr Sayer added that members could also take advantage of additional Special Offers throughout the year, such as Brian Bell’s DOUBLE DISOUNT offer, with a new campaign planned for the month of June which will double discounts for members at its outlets nationwide.

 Members without ID cards can visit their nearest NSL branch to get a membership ID card printed or TOLL FREE 180 1599 or email: callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg to enquire, in order to participate in the Discount Program.

 Members can access the full list of Discount Partner outlets on our website: https://www.nambawansuper.com.pg/members/discount-program/

 Mr Sayer informed that prioritising member savings for retirement or when members are no longer working – as specified in the Superannuation Laws, remained a top priority. However, it has also been looking into measures to support those members whose employment has been affected by the coronavirus situation.

 “We are working with employers to ultimately speed up the application and assessment process for members making a Covid-19 Withdrawal. Before accepting applications Nambawan Super is awaiting the legislative changes, to be certain of what will be lawful.”

 “However, in preparation we have developed a Covid-19 Withdrawal Form and have made the necessary system changes based on our understanding of what the payment will be.

  “We aren’t accepting applications yet, but are working closely with employers to ensure impacted members are ready to apply and the system can process the benefit once the payment is lawful.”

 Nambawan Super is also set to review existing systems and advocate for a range of reforms, including superannuation to be extended to all workers, not just those working for organisations of 15 or more.

 Mr Sayer said the review may also be the right platform to discuss the creation of different short term or emergency saving mechanisms for the workers of PNG.

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