Written: 21 September 2021

 Nambawan Super has opened a new Service Centre in Maprik in East Sepik Province.

The opening of the Maprik Nambawan Super Office now brings to 22 the total number of Nambawan Super offices serving members in the country.

The new office, located in the Maprik Administration Commercial Centre Building, will provide both Nambawan Super (NSL) and Nambawan Savings and Loans Society (NSLS) services providing for both long and short term savings.

At Nambawan Super, we are committed to supporting Members to achieve their best retirement and retire with Dignity.

“The Fund works hard through our investments to generate strong returns on members’ savings, so the money they save today grows and is worth even more for members over time.

“The opening of the Maprik office marks another milestone in numerous initiatives Nambawan Super has undertaken in the last couple of months. This has been based on providing first-class service to our members.

We have 7000 plus members serving in and around the Maprik area including normal contributing members, our Choice Super and Retirement Savings Account (RSA) members.

Nambawan Super understands the costs incurred and hardships faced to travel into major towns like Wewak to gain access to our services especially our members in Maprik. The opening of the new Branch is part of the Nambawan Super strategy to bring our services closer to the members’ doorsteps to help alleviate the problems they face when attempting to access our services.

“East Sepik contributes to the economy of Papua New Guinea, and Maprik has the potential for growth given the upcoming Freida mine, the development of the Maprik airport and through the agricultural sector,”

NSLS will be able to support current and new members working in both the formal and informal sectors with quality savings and loans services. NSLS is not only for members of Nambawan Super but is open for, anyone to do short-term savings with NSLS.

Nambawan Super has more than 208,000 members from both the Public and Private Sectors whose combined net assets are worth K8.5 billion and growing.

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