Written: 13 February 2023

Member representatives of Nambawan Super in Wabag recently witnessed the opening of the upgraded Wabag Branch today.

Formerly located within the Post PNG Office, the Wabag Branch has been relocated to the ground floor of the Bettel Building as part of NSL’s continued focus on improving Member access to superannuation services in centres around the Country

The Branch was opened by Nambawan Super Member representatives alongside Enga Provincial Administration – Director Corporate Services Mr. Raphael Taiman and Nambawan Super Limited CEO Mr. Paul Sayer.

Mr. Sayer said, “the opening of our Wabag Branch today is part of Nambawan Super’s strategy to renovate and upgrade our Branches Nationwide”.

“The Wabag Branch is now conveniently located within walking distance to local schools, Government offices, key state institutions and several other businesses which employ many of our Members in Wabag.”

“The strategic location will also serve Members who pass through the town between Mount Hagen and Pogera.”

“With the anticipated resumption of the Pogera Gold Mine, We have invested in revitalising this Wabag Branch noting that Enga Province, is a significant contributor to the economy of Papua New Guinea.”

“We expect that as the mine’s operations continue to grow, so will the number of opportunities for residents here in Wabag and the potential for the town to grow into a key industrial township in the near future.”

“Nambawan Super looks forward to supporting the growth of our Members in Wabag and Enga Province as they work and when they retire. Through this Branch we will continue providing our valuable superannuation products and services, to ensure that our Members here have the chance to enjoy a comfortable retirement”, Mr. Sayer added.

Improved features of the Wabag Branch include three counters; one self-service counter for ease of access; and one comfortable interview/meeting room that provides privacy for Members when discussing their superannuation benefits and retirement savings.

“The Branch has also been upgraded to accommodate Members with air-conditioning, featuring improved staff and Member amenities, and it utilises a backup generator for the best Member experience for our over 5000 plus Members that live and work in Wabag and within Enga Province”, Mr. Sayer stated.

“This is the second Nambawan Super Branch that we have relocated and opened this year after opening our Kiunga Branch last month. In December last year, we also opened our newly relocated Daru and Wewak Branches.”

“All the relocated Branches have also been upgraded to improve on Members’ experience and ensure our staff have everything they need to deliver quality services.”

“As part of our Branch Relocation and Improvement exercise, we are also planning to open 13 more Branches including relocated, upgraded and new Branches across all four Regions of PNG.”

“Through this exercise, we want to ensure that we can provide the same welcoming look and feel that is now the standard for our 22 Branches Countrywide so that our Members receive the same level of services wherever they are.”

“At Nambawan Super, our Members are at the core of all that we do and as such we aim to continue delivering quality services while managing our investments to generate strong returns on Members’ savings so that the money they save today, grows over the long-term to help build better futures for our members and achieve their best retirement outcomes”, Mr. Sayer concluded.

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