Nambawan Super Trainee Directors

Written: 12 October 2022

Nambawan Super is pleased to announce that its second cohort of Trainee Directors have successfully completed their two-year development program.

The four Trainee Directors; Ms Michelle Taumpson, Ms Josephine Pitmur, Mr Thomas Constantinou and Mr Sylvester Banibia all received their Certificate of Completion from Nambawan Super Chairman, Mr Reg Monagi in recognition of their achievement.

The current Trainee Directors’ areas of expertise:

  • Michelle Taumpson is currently the Director of Policy, Planning, and Development for the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission. Ms Taumpson holds a Master’s in Business, and a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies.
  • Josephine Pitmur is the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Justice & Attorney General. She holds a Master’s in Public and International Law, a Bachelor of Law, and a Diploma in Government Management.
  • Thomas Constantinou is the Managing Director of Perpetual Niugini Limited; PNG Environmental Services Limited; Savvana Constructions Limited. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Property Development and a Master’s in Professional Accounting. Mr Constaninou also has a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking Finance & Risk Management and is an Australian Certified Practising Accountant.
  • Sylvester Banibia is the Manager Staff Development for the Royal Police Constabulary. He holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management, Bachelor’s in Business Management, a Certificate in Leadership and Governance, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Certificate in Accounting, Advance Diploma in Religion Studies.

Mr Monagi was pleased with the performance of the cohort saying: “On behalf of the Nambawan Super Board, I congratulate our Trainee Directors on their successful completion of this program and I commend them on their commitment and dedication over the past two years. It has been satisfying to observe their growth both professionally and as individuals throughout this period”.

“I would also like to thank them for the valuable contributions they made to Nambawan Super. Their unique set of skills, expertise and experiences proved invaluable to several of the Funds activities over the last two years.”

“We look forward to their continued engagement with the Fund and wish them all the very best as they progress through their careers with their newly developed Directorship skills”, he added.

Nambawan Super’s Trainee Director Program is designed to develop a pool of aspiring Directors and better equip them to take on future leadership roles in any organisation.

“Participating in the Program exposes Trainee Directors to the roles, responsibilities and stringent standards required of  Directors in the superannuation industry. The program helps them to become accustomed to Board room processes and dynamics, and to build the confidence and skills needed to contribute and lead at the Board level”, Mr Monagi added.

“The Trainee Directors were also exposed to the Bank of PNG Superannuation Prudential Standards on Corporate Governance which sets out specific requirements for the Board Structure and Responsibilities, including Investment, Risk Management and Remuneration of Directors, Management, staff and parties engaged by the Fund. This ensures that Member’s funds are prudently managed and that reasoned, informed and impartial decisions are made in the best interest of Members.”

“Nambawan Super’s Trainee Director Program is excellent in providing an opportunity for potential Directors to gain experience in the role while also contributing meaningfully to the Fund’s growth for the benefit of our 214,000 Members”, he explained.

Nambawan Super will soon commence the recruitment process for the third cohort of the Trainee Director Development Program. Interested individuals are encouraged to monitor the Nambawan Super website and media channels for more information on how to apply.

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