Written: 25 November 2021

The opening of the Maprik Branch marks another milestone in numerous initiatives Nambawan Super has undertaken in the last couple of months to continue to improve our Member service .

There are more than 7,000 Members serving in and around the Maprik area including, Employer Sponsored Member, Choice Super and Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Members.

Nambawan Super understands the costs incurred and hardships faced to travel into major towns like Wewak to gain access to our services especially our Members in Maprik. The opening of the new Branch is part of the Nambawan Super strategy to bring our services closer to the Members’ doorsteps to help alleviate the problems they face when attempting to access our services.

Nambawan Savings & Loan Society (NSLS) will be able to support current and new Members working in both the formal and informal sectors with quality savings and loans services. NSLS is not only for Members of Nambawan Super but is open for, anyone to do short-term savings with NSLS.

Read more in our November edition of Nambawan SuperTok newsletter.

Nambawan Super 2022 Financial Results Announcement

Nambawan Super 2022 Financial Results Announcement

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