Written: 22 February 2019

Sheer determination to achieve ones dream is an accomplishment to speak proudly about. Such is the case for Luther Makelyo from the Lanekep Clan of Yanarin in the Enga Province.
Luther graduated with his Grade 10 certificate from the St. Paul Lutheran High School at Pausa but he didn’t get the marks needed to continue his education. He did not let this hinder him from progressing.

Lupsco Security Service guards on location at Wabag Post Office

He secured a job as a security guard and worked Fourteen (14) years with a Wabag based security firm and then another five (5) years at the Enga Provincial Treasury.

After 19 years, working hard for others, Luther decided it was time to step up from being employed to being a business owner.

In 2006 with a vivid plan of how his business would work he made his way to Port Moresby where his brother assisted him to register his security company. In 2006, Lupsco Security Services was incorporated.

Over the past 13 years, Lupsco Security Services has grown and now employs 28 guards who are all fully insured and properly trained at the Guard Dog Training Centre in Lae.

Lupsco Security Services is the first security firm in Enga to pay its employees superannuation.

“Though I don’t have a very high level of education I believe in proper welfare of my employees. All my guards are insured and now I have registered them all with Nambawan Super for their well-being in retirement,” Luther said.

Following its success in Enga, Lupsco is now looking at expanding its services into Lae and Port Moresby.

Nambawan Super’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer, congratulated and welcomed Lupso Security Services to the Fund.

“Security firms are important employers in PNG. We have had concerns that some smaller start-up firms are avoiding paying their employee’s super. I commend Lupsco Security for their focus on growing a strong organisation that provides support to their employees including payment of super.”

By joining Nambawan Super Lupsco has opened the door to their staff for a more secure financial future.

And along the way as members, Lupsco employees will have access to great benefits, like Housing Advance for those who contribute for more than 5 years, Nambawan Savings & Loans Society, ongoing financial literacy education through our branch network and of course our popular Nambawan Discount Program.”

Organisations with more than 15 employees are required by law to pay superannuation.
Nambawan Super is PNG’s largest superannuation fund, serving both the private and public sector and offers PNG employers face to face sessions on the requirements and responsibilities of the superannuation act.

With more than K7 billion in funds under management, Nambawan Super has a strong track record in sound investment practice and a commitment to customer service that ensures employers and members have access to assistance when they need it.

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