Written: 20 August 2020

Nambawan Super has assured its members that the Fund is well prepared to continue operation and deliver services despite disruptions from Covid-19 measures – however, members also need to adapt to the Niupela Pasin.

Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer, said Nambawan Super has used the past 5-months to better equip branches and put protective measures in place to enable ongoing counter services.

“Since March 2020, Nambawan Super has been reviewing and responding to the threat of pandemic on our operations, and have focused on rapidly growing our remote operational ability and rolling out the protection members to limit transmission,” Mr Sayer said.

“Every Nambawan Super branch around the country has been supplied protective screens, so the staff and members are protected during face-to-face interactions and clear social distancing markers for members are in all branches,”

Branches have also made changes to service delivery to limit staff-to-member and member-to-member contact.

 “Members will need to select their own forms and support to fill forms will be provided by our Call Centre, not over the counter.

“Enquiries about unemployment benefits, Retirement Savings Accounts and Unfunded State Share payment applications are limited to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Services that require longer interactions, like member interviews, will be limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays,”

“No contact form lodgement is being implemented with members encouraged to return applications to boxes outside of the office and where possible lodge electronic applications for standard continuous unemployment benefits and Retirement Saving Account payments,”

Even with these measures in place, Mr Sayer recommended members call the free customer service number, 1801599 before visiting a branch.

“Often, we can assist members without them needing to interact face-to-face with staff – we can supply forms, statement and balance information and provide assistance to complete applications, without needing to walk into a Branch,”

“I understand many people prefer the face-to-face option, but while Covid-19 remains a threat in the community, members should protect themselves and try alternative services first,” Mr Sayer said.

“But if you do walk into a branch you will be required to wear a face mask and to sanitise your hands and follow the social distancing protocols as a part of the niupela pasin.

“These measures protect both our members, who are the countries essential workers and our staff.”

In addition to the front line changes, new arrangements that see staff rotate in weekly shifts commenced in August.

Rotating remote work weeks provides a greater chance of continuity of all operations if one person contracts Covid-19 by reducing the likelihood that others with similar skills will have been exposed and therefore can continue to work. Before Covid-19, 20% of Nambawan Super staff had a remote work set up. Now 60% of the team are able to work from anywhere through internet connections.

“Nambawan Super’s team can undertake critical business activity like assessing applications and processing member payments from anywhere,” Mr Sayer said.

 “This provides confidence that in the event of a major outbreak anywhere in PNG if staff were unable to come to the office or branch, we will be able to service our members from dispersed and remote working locations.”

More than ever members are encouraged to sign up and use the online service options, through the member portal or smartphone App that allow members to access their statements and account details anytime, anywhere, and on any Android and Apple devices.

The contact centre can support members who have difficulty registering to get logged on and started with the online portal or smartphone app.

The Nambawan Super smartphone app is available on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes store. Instructions on how to sign up for our online services are available on our website, nambawansuper.com.pg 

Mr Sayer said for members who do not have smartphones they can sign up for the SMS balance service.

“Nambawan Super is already doing its bit to stay ahead of the spread and protecting its members and staff without hindering basic services to its members.”

Key contacts

Free Call customer service centre 180 1599

Email enquiries to CallCentre@nambawansuper.com.pg

Email Continuous Unemployment Benefit Payment applications and RSA to BenefitPayment@nambawansuper.com.pg

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