Dr Webster (L) and Mr Uriari (R)

Written: 31 January 2022

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) Chairman, Mr Reg Monagi, today announced the appointment of Mr Michael Uiari and Dr Thomas Webster as the newest Independent Trustee Directors of the NSL Board.

Mr Monagi welcomed Mr Uiari and Dr Webster, noting that their collective 50-years of experience in their respective fields would quickly make them valuable members of NSL’s Trustee Board.

Mr Uiari has over 20 years of extensive legal, management and executive-level experience in PNG’s oil and gas, mining and electricity sectors.

Throughout his career, he has developed comprehensive skills in strategy and planning, legal functions, analytics, commercial operations, communications, stakeholder engagement and management.

Dr Webster brings extensive experience, predominantly in public sector, research and advice.

Through his various roles, Dr Webster has refined his skills in Government liaison at both political and bureaucratic levels, property and customary land development issues, stocks and bonds investments, research and data analysis, and policy advocacy.

“We expect that the expertise, experience and networks Michael and Thomas [they] have developed throughout their careers will be a great benefit to the Nambawan Super Limited Board and members of the Fund.”

Mr Uiari and Dr Webster have been appointed for a 3-year term, in line with the Bank of PNG Prudential Standards related to Corporate Governance for Authorised Superannuation Fund Directors. Directors can be renewed for additional terms, with a maximum tenure of 9-years.

“Planning for the future needs of the Board is an important responsibility for the sitting Directors today,” Mr Monagi added.

“My fellow NSL Trustee Directors and I have great confidence that Mr Uiari and Dr Webster will play a crucial role in the success of the Fund throughout their tenure.”

Nambawan Super is PNG’s oldest superannuation fund and has been building better futures for our members for 60 years. With more than K8.5 billion in Funds Under Management for our more than 208,000 members, NSL is a leading institution that continues to contribute to the growth of PNG.

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