Written: 17 September 2021

Twelve Nambawan Super Officers completed an intensive Train the Trainer (TOT) workshop and are starting to deliver free Financial Literacy Training (FLT) for Nambawan Super Members.

 Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer said the 12 staff are ready to deliver the Fund’s new Financial Literacy programs which are being offered free of charge to members.

 “The NSL Financial Literacy Program has been developed to teach members skills and behaviours to improve their long-term financial wellbeing, and is much more than an awareness or promotion program for our products,” Mr Sayer said.

 “The new Financial Literacy program provides trusted superannuation advice, and the financial skills and tools needed in difficult times to safeguard member well-being now and into retirement.”

 NSL engaged a certified and experienced Senior Trainer, namely, Mr. David Angalapu Roape of AGORA Education & Training Institute (AETI). AETI is an accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO) with the PNG National Training Council– NTC#250.  Mr. Roape helped build the program and also trained the NSL staff.

 “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and Board of NSL for believing and trusting in a small local training company. I am grateful to Mr. Paul Sayer and Ms. Morgana Prior for their trust and faith in me to deliver this project. This opportunity provides a great platform on which an MSME such as AGORA can stand on and launch out into the marketplace,”  Mr Roape said.

 “Nambawan Super Management and Board are committed to supporting its Members to achieve their best retirement and reach their golden years with financial security and dignity,” Mr Roape said.

 “The modules are designed and developed for an adult learner and targeted for NSL members. They are aimed to equip and empower NSL members with knowledge of basic financial concepts to improve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes about money and finances so that individuals can make informed financial decisions. The modules are designed to make a person THINK, FEEL and CHOOSE an appropriate action” Mr Roape said.

 “Most Contemporary PNGeans are constantly challenged and caught up with the demands of cultural obligation and urgency of modern-day lifestyle and do not have time to work on a budget, investments, or a retirement plan”. Mr Roape said.

 “The comprehensive NSL member Financial Literacy Training Program aims to support members by teaching the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve long-term financial wellbeing,” Mr Roape said.

 There are 5 different Modules in the Nambawan Financial Literacy Training that run for at least a half-day for each module

 Nambawan Super is promoting training to contributing Employers and have called on Employers to register their staff to participate in sessions starting this month.

 NSL is also arranging sessions for individual members who may be interested to register to attend the sessions.  
There are 5 different Modules in the Nambawan Financial Literacy Training:

 Module 1: Taking Charge of Personal Finances

  • Module 2: NSL Superannuation Products and Services
  • Module 3: Planning for Retirement
  • Module 4: Buying your own Home
  • Module 5: Financial Literacy for Micro Small Medium Business (MSME)

 Modules 1 & 2 are now available to NSL members free of charge!  Members are encouraged to complete Modules 1 & 2, before progressing to targeted modules 3, 4, or 5.

 To enquire, email training@nambawansuper.com.pg or free call 180 1599 and ask to book in for a Financial Literacy Training Session.

Nambawan Super is PNG’s largest superannuation fund, with more than 8.5 billion in member savings under management for more than 200,000 members.

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