NSL staff Blood Drive volunteers

Written: 24 August 2022

The Nambawan Super family have answered the call to roll-up their sleeves and give blood in the hopes of helping to save lives around the Country through the Port Moresby General Hospital (POM Gen) Blood Drive program.

This week, 51 Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) Head Office staff volunteered to give back to the wider community through the program. From the group, 27 staff were deemed eligible and successfully donated blood for the cause.

Every week POM Gen needs approximately 400 bags of clean blood to assist those in need and recognising the need for more blood donors the NSL team quickly stepped up to answer the call.

NSL CEO Mr Paul Sayer remarked, “usually when we interact with staff from POM Gen, who are also our members, we are the ones helping them with their statements, lodgements and enquiries but this activity was special as our staff got a chance to partner with them and support the great work that they do”.

“On behalf of the Fund, I thank the staff of POM Gen and all our health workers for their hard work every day saving lives through direct medical services and programs like these which are crucial to meeting the needs of patients across the Country”.

“I also commend our staff for their initiative in partnering with POM Gen to participate in the ongoing Blood Drive program”.

“Nambawan Super is the Trustee for over 214,000 Members but our Vision, Mission and Values extend to all Papua New Guineans. We recognise that the improved health and wellbeing of all PNG citizens is crucial to the continued socio-economic development of the Country”.

“As such, throughout our 60 years of service to the people of PNG, Nambawan Super has and will continue to support activities that deliver returns for our members and promote development that can benefit the wider PNG community”.

“We at Nambawan Super aim to continue working with the goal of building better futures for our members at the forefront of all our endeavours for the next 60 years and further”, he concluded.

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