IRC tax awareness Hagen

Written: 9 December 2022

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) is pleased to have been a part of the recent Internal Revenue Commission’s (IRC) General Tax Awareness Workshop, held in Mt Hagen.

The awareness focused on educating registered taxpayers about how to complete and submit tax returns and documents to the IRC, keep proper business records, calculate their taxes and what taxes need to be paid. It also covered practical aspects of Company Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Salary and Wages Tax and the IRC’s Tax Services.

The NSL Team set up an information booth and had the opportunity to talk to participants about the importance of superannuation for individuals and business owners.

NSL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Paul Sayer said “We are thankful to the IRC for giving us the opportunity to meet with the participants and talk to them about superannuation and compliance, as well as, the products and services offered by NSL”.

“We aim to continue working with the IRC and other stakeholders to educate our Members of the benefits of good financial practices for use in both their personal and business lives”, he added.

NSL also provides free awareness sessions, counseling and training to help Members take advantage of products like Voluntary Contributions, Retirement Savings Accounts and Choice Super to ensure they are maximising their savings potential for a better future.

Nambawan Super is prioritising the education of its 214,000 Members by offering FREE Financial Literacy Training which aims to help Members develop good financial practices.

The fully certified NSL Financial Literacy Training offers Members five modules that cover the following topics:

  • Module 1 – Taking Charge of Personal Finances
  • Module 2 – NSL Superannuation Products and Services
  • Module 3 – Planning for Retirement
  • Module 4 – Buying Your Own Home
  • Module 5 – Financial Literacy Skills for MSMEs

The Fund encourages all Members to enquire about the Financial Literacy Training and other services through the NSL Call Centre or at their local Branch.

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