Midwifery Symposium

Written: 9 December 2022

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) is pleased to have joined its Members from the medical fraternity at the fourth PNG Midwifery Symposium as participants and stakeholders came together to support the important work of PNG’s midwives.

The recent symposium took place in Port Moresby and hosted nearly 200 midwives from across PNG, many of whom are Nambawan Super Members.

The NSL team set up an information booth and had the opportunity to talk to participants about the importance of superannuation, and the products and services offered by NSL.

NSL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Paul Sayer said “We are thankful to the PNG Midwifery Society for giving us the opportunity to meet with our Members and stakeholders in the medical fraternity and talk with them about how Members can grow their savings over the long-term for a better retirement outcome”.

“PNG’s healthcare workers are the unsung heroes of our nation as they work to ensure the wellbeing of the population, as such, Nambawan Super is committed to supporting them by protecting and growing their retirement savings so that they can enjoy a dignified life after retirement.”

“As PNG’s biggest and longest serving super fund for over 214,000 Members in both the Private and Public Sectors, Nambawan Super has continued to build better futures for Papua New Guineans while always keeping the wellbeing of our members at the forefront of all that we do”, Mr Sayer added.

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