NSL welcomes change of Board Directors

Written: 18 March 2022

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) celebrated the contributions of Prof. David Kavanamur as he was farewelled from service on the NSL Board.

NSL Chairman, Mr. Reginald Monagi, farewelled Prof. Kavanamur and thanked him for his 10 years of service to the Nambawan Super members.

Prof. Kavanamur joined the NSL Board in August 2012 and was granted an extension to his tenure, by the Bank of PNG, until February 2022.

Mr. Monagi remarked, “Prof Kavanamur has over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of economics, strategic management, infrastructure and education which he has utilised throughout his tenure to help build Nambawan Super into the industry leading Fund that it is today”.

“During his tenure, he served on several Board Subcommittees including as the Chairman of the Membership Committee as well being instrumental to the functions of the Transformation and Investment Committees.”

“It is fair to say that Prof. Kavanamur served the Board with pride, dedication and distinction. Most importantly, he was member-centric, having come from a public sector background which gave him a deep understanding of the needs of many of our 208,000 members.”

“His contributions to the Fund will be missed but we are grateful that he will continue to serve the Nambawan Super members indirectly through the Board of Kumul Hotels (Holiday Inn) and Gazelle International Hotel, both of which Nambawan Super is a shareholder.”

“On behalf of the Fund, we wish Prof Kavanamur and his family all the best for the future”, Mr. Monagi said.

NSL also welcomed the appointment of Mr. Daniel Siaguru-Khaisir to the Board.

Mr. Monagi welcomed Mr. Siaguru-Khaisir to the Board and stated that his experience and character would be invaluable to the future plans of the Fund. Mr. Siaguru-Kaiser joins Dr. Thomas Webster and Mr. Michael Uiari who were recently appointed to the NSL Board.

“Mr. Siaguru-Kaiser joined NSL as a Trainee Director in 2019 and has since proven to be a valuable participant in discussions at Board and Committee meetings,” Mr. Monagi added.

“His appointment is also aligned with NSL’s Board succession plan.”

“We are looking forward to seeing him take the next step in his career as he joins the NSL Board as our newest Independent Trustee Director.”

“He has shown that he is an innovative, highly skilled and capable professional throughout his 19-year career in rotor-wing and inland logistics, property, professional services, international development and hospitality.”

“The Board is confident that the addition of his experience and talents to the NSL Board will be vital to the continued successful performance of the Fund for the benefit of our members.”

Nambawan Super is proud to have served the people of PNG for the last 60 years as the biggest and most consistent Super Fund. With more than K8.8 billion in Funds Under Management for our members, NSL remains committed to delivering returns for members whilst contributing to the overall growth of the PNG economy.

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