Written: 15 November 2019

Nambawan Super purchased large parcels of land in 1990. These lands are described as P2156, P2157, P2158 and P2159, also called “Bush Wara”, in the Bomana Valley at 9 mile Port Moresby. (See map below)

Securing these titles has been a challenging process where Nambawan Super encountered a series of bureaucratic difficulties, with one title still being subject to legal action.

The Fund’s intention for the site remains consistent with those from 1990 – to build new, master-planned suburbs, with affordable housing for the growing Port Moresby population and in particular for the Fund’s members.

The Fund is obligated to consider the benefit for all members through expected return when investing in such projects.

It is the Fund’s goal to deliver a development to accommodate more affordable housing through design, efficiency, scale and partnerships with key services and suppliers.

Nambawan Super has worked closely with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning over many years, supporting Master Planning processes through the 8/9 Mile Area Local Development Plan, ensuring essential infrastructure and services such as schools, power, water and sewerage were planned for within the new community.

The Fund has consistently stated it is essential that Nambawan Super possesses leases for all sites, to enable the Fund to deliver a Master Planned estate, efficiently and at affordable prices.

The Fund has been increasingly concerned at the number of settlers in this area, purporting to have been actively involved with buying parcels of land from unknown individuals claiming ‘customary’ ownership.

Nambawan Super encourages all parties who believe they are affected to come forward and register with the Fund, and provide copies of any paperwork they have signed or received regarding their ‘land ownership’.

Nambawan Super has issued formal Public Notices regarding the land, to ensure as many people as possible are aware of risks of buying or selling parcels within Nambawan Super’s sites.

As plans for the site progress, Namabawan Super will publish notices in the media.

For more information about the site please contact Nambawan Super on email 9mile@nambawansuper.com.pg

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