Happy Valentine's Day

Written: 14 February 2021

Get engaged with your Super this Valentine’s

Set a date with your super because when you get engaged with super – you will see how it will be with you until the end!

Here are a five quick tips to improving your relationship with us:

  • Don’t be a stranger, share your personal details like your phone number and email so Nambawan Super can send you sweet messages! It is important to update your details to ensure important information such as member contact details, address, and more importantly, your beneficiaries are included and are current by completing a Member Detail Update form (MDUF).
  • Never share your personal information about our relationship with third parties, as we only can talk to you about your super, no third wheels!
  •  You won’t regret making a date with your Nambawan Super because because every little bit extra you put in, through Voluntary Contributions, will make our relationship more worth your while in the long term through the magic of compound interest.
  •  You can rely on us even after you have retired through our Nambawan Retired Savings Account (RSA). This product allows you to preserve your superannuation savings so you have access to funds for a secure and comfortable lifestyle after you retire, with regular, small payments that continue to support you, even once you’ve broken up with your employer.
  • Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and visit our website! Take the time to get in touch with us because our purpose is to help you, our members, achieve your best retirement outcomes, by investing your money to make your retirement a comfortable experience. The more you understand your super, the stronger our relationship becomes.

Our members are always in our hearts. In fact, our Vision is to be recognised as PNG’s Superannuation provider of choice with members at the heart of everything we do.

 So let’s get engaged, and set a date to get closer to your super fund.

 For more information about your super, you don’t need make a date, call 180 1599, email callcentre@nambawansuper.com.pg or visit nambawansuper.com.pg

NSL supports Vaccination

NSL supports Vaccination

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Member engagement Challenging during Covid-19

Member engagement Challenging during Covid-19

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