Written: 30 July 2021

My name is Mikal Tiale and I trust Nambawan Super because I have seen the benefits first hand, thanks to my husband, late Sam Keri Tiale.

Whilst conducting a customer experience survey, we met Mikal, a Choice Super member of

Nambawan Super and asked her to share her experience as a mother from the information sector joining one of the largest superannuation Funds in PNG.

From the beautiful scenic village of Kaselok in Kavieng, she smiled shyly ushering us to her home offering a seat and told us her story….

Married to her wantok from Kaselok, Mikal shared that she heard about Nambawan Super when her husband, late Sam Keri Tiale, was working as a Deputy Chief Officer with PNG Fire Service, because of the fortnightly deductions that the officers made to their retirement savings.

Savings bilong papa blo mipla I helpim na sidaun bilong mipela I bin orite. Mipla i mekim 3 bedroom haus blong mipla na ol narapla ol liklik samting lo stretim sidaun osem nau em I no wok mo lo fortnait moni blong family.

(Our father’s retirement savings helped our family live a satisfactory life. We build our 3 bedroom

house and took care of other commitments that would help us now that he was no longer earning a fortnightly salary for the family.

Mi trustim Nambawan Super because me lukim kaikai bilong savings bilong papa blong mipla lo Nambawan Super.

(I trust Nambawan Super because our family experienced the benefits that our father’s savings provided).

When our officers in Kavieng conducted an awareness session on Choice Super in Kaselok

Village, Mikal did not hesitate to open an account. She said, she’s fortunate that her children send her money every fortnight, so we always deposit some money into her Choice Super account every fortnight.

Mikal is proud to say that since opening her Choice Super account with K100 in 2019, her

savings and the interest has been growing almost reaching K1,000 and when she is ready to

withdraw her money, it will be used for home renovations, help with her grand children’s school fees and any other commitments that may come up.

“I’d like to encourage the younger generation to save money with the Choice Super account.”

 “It is wise to save. Taim yumi kaikai olgeta samiting today, ba yumi kaikai women

tomorrow na lo future bilong yumi? Choice Super em I gutpla because yu ken putim as little as K20 na ingat interest too lo moni yu savim lo em.”

(“It is wise to save. If we use up everything today, when will we use tomorrow and for our future?

Choice Super is good because you can save as little as K20 and your savings will also gain interest”)

We are spending money to make other people richer and we end up with nothing for ourselves and our families. Choice Super is the new product developed under the Nambawan Super Brand. This product to facilitate Voluntary Superannuation Services targeting the informal sector market. You can read more about it on our website: Learn more about Nambawan Super Choice Super product.

Read more in our July edition of Nambawan SuperTok newsletter.

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