Written: 17 November 2020

Nambawan Super is currently seeking approvals for a new commercial precinct in the centre of Waigani.

Following the October Board meeting, Paul Sayer, CEO of Nambawan Super announced that the Fund plans to move its head office from Town to the new Waigani complex development which would also provide a central hub for member services and all the necessary support roles in one central location.

“The Waigani office location for Nambawan Super will be strategically located in a very central location to all of Port Moresby and will suit many members who are based around the Waigani area,” said Mr Sayer.

He said the proposed new building will comprise of a four-level office building in two towers of office space with a separate warehouse (archive facility) and ample secure visitor car parking.

“Once completed, the building will become a one-stop-shop Nambawan Super Headquarters,” Mr Sayer said.

“Designed to provide branch services such as benefit lodgments and member id cards and new custom training facilities to accommodate the Fund’s expanding Member Financial Literacy training program, and office space for non- member-facing functions needed to manage member’s funds.

“We may also seek out other tenants delivering related services and invite them to lease a space.

“Careful planning to manage access to public spaces and separate secure office will be key to the efficient use of the facilities by Nambawan Super and any other tenant and their clients.”
Nambawan Super’s early planning indicates more than K100 million will be invested in the development that will provide much-needed jobs during its construction phase, and be a source of returns to members through ongoing rent paid.

It is expected that the skilled construction workforce that has been developed on other Nambawan Super construction projects such as Rangeview and the Nambawan Plaza precinct will benefit from this project once it has been approved.

Nambawan Super is PNG’s largest and best performing super fund, with more than K8 billion in funds under management and 200,000 members.

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