Written: 3 September 2019

Nambawan Super is looking for members of the Fund to help us make a new marketing campaign.

We are a national fund and are looking for members in various places around PNG where we can showcase members at work.
Do you work somewhere truly special? Do you have a great team around you that are also members? Do you want to be the new Face of Nambawan Super?

We need members from the Public, Private and Informal sectors like teachers, nurses, doctors, linesmen, hospitality workers, retail shops, caterers and choice super members like cash crop farmers, market stall owners, SMEs, and associations. We are looking for members in these locations:

  • Momase (Lae or nearby)
  • Highlands (Goroka or nearby)
  • Islands (Kokopo or nearby)
  • Southern (Port Moresby or nearby)

But – if you are somewhere else in the country you are still welcome to apply – we just might find our way to your place!
To be chosen, you must be a member of the Fund. Nambawan Super will liaise with you, and if necessary your employer, to ensure you have the time to participate.

You will need to allow about 3-4 hours on 1 day during mid-late October.

Participants will receive payment for their work and will have to sign a talent release form giving Nambawan Super permission to use the photos, video and sound recordings of them in marketing materials.

How to apply

If you are interested and likely to be available 3-4 hours on 1 day during mid-late October, then make a short video 1-2 minutes. Just a smartphone video is fine.

Find a quiet, well-lit area and stand so we can at least see you from the waist up.

In 1-2 minutes answer the following questions as clearly and naturally as possible:

  • What’s your name?
  • Tell us about your job, what you do, the types of people you work with.
  • What do you like most about your job?
  • In what place are you working? What’s the best thing about the place?
  • Can you sing? Please sings a few lines from a favorite song. If you can’t think of one maybe try singing part of the ‘ Happy Birthday’ song or since this is the independence weekend, try singing the ‘National Anthem’ or the popular song ‘Wan Kantri’.

You don’t have to be a great singer but some roles will involve the singing of 1-2 quick lines! Just be yourself!
This video is your chance to show us your personality so give us a smile and try and enjoy doing your recording. It is also a chance to show off where you work – but keep it short.


Download the Application Guide

Why make Voluntary Contributions?

How to submit your video
You can submit your video in several ways:

  1. Send it via WhatsApp to (+675) 73968177
  2. Visit your nearest Nambawan Super branch office, with your device and connecting USB cable, and they can download it and submit on your behalf
  3. Inbox or Tag us @NambawanSuper Facebook page or hashtag #NambawanSuperFace and make sure your settings are public – so we can view the video
  4. So we can contact you to let you know if you will be the new face of Nambawan Super ensure when you send your video you also submit your;
    • Full name
    • Employer
    • Location where you work
    • Mobile phone number & email address

Entries close by COB on Tuesday, 17 of September 2019.

Download the Application Guide

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