When you accept your employment offer, you too can join others who have become a part of Nambawan Super, the most preferred, and leading super fund in PNG! While you work, Nambawan Super works to give you and your family the happiest retirement together after you’ve stopped working. Join 18,000 other Members like you!

Enjoy the Benefits!

Save more, when you shop

Save more every time you shop! Take advantage of the Nambawan Super Member Discount Partner Program when you shop at any of our over 160+ Discount Partners across PNG. When you join, ensure to complete an ID request form for a new Member ID card, to qualify.

Get your dream home sooner

Joining Nambawan Super can help you prepare to get your dream home sooner than you think. Sign up for Voluntary Contributions today, to get started. As a contributing Member for 5 years or more, you may become eligible to access your Voluntary Contributions for a Housing Advance.

Our Story 

Saving isn’t always easy.

Traditionally we worked our customary land, planting and taking care of our gardens – knowing that our hard work today would pay us with a good harvest in time. While we continue to do this, many of us are now saving in the form of cash, and increasingly superannuation.

Being with the right super fund means you can enjoy life, while we work hard to build up your savings. Nambawan Super is like family – looking after your interests, and sticking with you, through all the phases of your life.

It means that when you finally stop working and your income stops, your super savings with Nambawan Super will be there for you and your family, in retirement.

Tired of dreaming about Retirement?

Fast-track your journey there with Voluntary Contributions! Start today and watch the magic happen with your savings through the power of compound interest.

Simply submit the Pay Variation Advice Form when you hand in your signed/accepted offer, together with your New Member Registration Form.

Join other Members, just like you!

“We may commit 30 to 40 years of our life with our employer but when we retire, we will benefit from our savings with Nambawan Super. This is why I always encourage Members who haven’t done Voluntary Contributions to start now to benefit more when they retire.”

Kathy Ken

“I trust Nambawan Super because our family has experienced the benefits that our father’s savings provided.”

Mikal Tiale

“I really enjoy fishing, and now I can continue to do this in retirement. You can see the benefits of saving more while you work and open a Retirement Savings Account with Nambawan Super when you retire with your savings. You don’t have to be tied down with little to no finance.”

Hau’ofa Sailasa

I am now able to better plan how I use my money every fortnight, for short-term use like Christmas or special events, and also for long-term savings and investments like building or buying my house. All these are possible by becoming a contributing member to Nambawan Super and accessing its many benefits

Sophia Bilong

Simply complete your New Member Registration Form and hand this in with your signed/accepted employment offer. Your new employer will do the rest!

NSL serves Police in the New Guinea Islands

NSL serves Police in the New Guinea Islands

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) in the New Guinea Islands (NGI) Region throughout August. These engagements are a testament to NSL's commitment to improving the...

NSL Member Detail Update Campaign

NSL Member Detail Update Campaign

Addressing the crucial need for accurate and up-to-date Member details, Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) initiated a Member Detail Update campaign throughout August. This campaign aligns with NSL’s commitment to improving Member services and engagement, with an emphasis...