Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a country founded on agriculture and subsistence farming. Our people are accustomed to the notion that by tending to and investing in their gardens today, this will ensure not just a good harvest, but prosperity and security for them and their tribe in the future. This is indeed the same principle that modern day superannuation is founded on, and Nambawan Super continues this tradition by encouraging our Members to invest in and cultivate their superannuation 'gardens' today, so they can enjoy a financially secure future tomorrow. 

Nambawan Super, as with many popular home-grown PNG brands, began its journey from quite humble beginnings as a small pension scheme, serving officers of the Public Service, on 8 June 1962 under the Papua New Guinea Retirement Benefits Act 1960.

As a Fund created by the people of PNG for the people of PNG, Nambawan Super has inherited much of the same great culture and values that make our country truly unique. These are the very same values that have made Nambawan Super PNG's longest serving and most trusted superannuation fund today.

Nambawan Super is staffed and managed by fellow contributors and as such, we share a familial bond with our Members as we identify as being from the same tribe. Just as it has been practiced throughout different PNG cultures for hundreds of years, the tribe always takes care of its own, working collectively towards goals and outcomes that are beneficial for all. Nambawan Super has taken this value to heart, operating as a profit-to-Members fund and ensuring that our Members are at the heart of everything we do. 

What we are

Nambawan Super ("the Fund") is a defined contribution fund (accumulation fund) approved under the Superannuation (General Provision) Act 2000. The Fund is governed by the Board of Directors of Nambawan Super Limited, the Fund's Corporate Trustee ("the Trustee").

The Fund exists to invest amounts contributed by or on behalf of Members for their retirement. It has no purpose other than to serve the interests of its membership.

The Trustee's primary responsibility to the Fund's Members is to ensure that the Fund is run according to the principles of good corporate governance. To achieve this objective, the Board implements five key governance principles across the entire operation of the Trustee and the Fund: 

Principle 1: Compliance with the law
Principle 2: Effective leadership
Principle 3: Integrity
Principle 4: Accountability
Principle 5: Risk management


Initially, the Public Officers Superannuation Fund had POSF Limited as the licensed corporate Trustee. In 2007 after a rebranding exercise, the name POSF Limited was changed to Nambawan Super Limited. Nambawan Super has a competent executive management team with a commercially experienced Board of Directors composed of two non-resident and seven resident directors including two females on the Board of Directors.

All Senior Officers of the Trustee are subject to the stringent fit and proper checks by the Central Bank.

Fund Administrator

The Fund has Kina Investment and Superannuation Services Ltd as the Licensed Fund Administrator.

Investment Manager

The Fund has Kina Funds Management as its Licensed Investment Manager.