What is an 'Employer Boost'?

An ‘Employer Boost’ is when an Employer contributes above the normal compulsory 8.4% Employer Super contribution for its employees. Employers may opt to increase their component of superannuation contributions for their employees as high as they wish, but can claim employer contributions as a tax deduction up to 15%.

What are the benefits of an employer boost?

Benefits of boosting your Employer contributions include:

  • Increasing staff loyalty and a positive brand image;
  • Positioning companies and organisations as ‘Employers of Choice’ to attract and recruit top talent;
  • Allowing staff to feel financially secure for the long-term as they earn annual interest on their Super with the best-performing Super provider in PNG; and,
  • Providing your employees with a safety net and the comfort of knowing that they can better support themselves when they are no longer working.

How can I sign up for the Employer boost?

If you are an employer who is interested in increasing your superannuation contributions through the Employer Boost for your employees, you can speak to your Employer Stakeholder Relations Representative today to find out more about this, or you can book a partnership meeting with our Business Development team.

Join the other organisations offering Employer Boost to their staff:

As well as Full Link Limited, Great Value Limited, F6 Services, Synergistic Investment Limited, Shorna Holding Limited, Office of Insurance Commission, SpeedCast PNG and Yangguang Limited.

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