Written: 26 November 2020

Nambawan Super is encouraging Employers to consider doing an Employer Boost as part of their recovery packages for their employees.

An ‘Employer Boost’ is when an employer contributes above the normal compulsory 8.4% employer super contribution for its staff.

Recently Nambawan Super congratulated 8 Employers who signed up for the employer boost namely: Full Link Limited, Great Value Limited, F6 Services, Synergistic Investment Limited, Shorna Holding Ltd, Office of Insurance Commission, Speed Cast PNG and Yang Guang Limited.

Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer said that the tough conditions brought about by the current global pandemic has forced Employers to think outside the box of ‘simply getting work done’ to think about how we manage people we care about who have become essential members of our teams or corporate families.

The benefits of an Employer Boost include:

  • Increasing staff loyalty and a positive brand image,
  • Positioning employers as ‘Employers of Choice’ to attract and recruit top talent;
  • Allowing staff to feel financially secure for the long-term as they earn annual interest on their super with the best-performing Super provider in PNG; and,
  • Providing staff, a safety net and the comfort of knowing that they can better support themselves when they are no longer working.

Interested employers can get in touch with their Nambawan Partnership Team for free superannuation advice on ph: 309 5262 or email: CallCentre@nambawansuper.com.pg 

The addition of eight new Employers brings the total number of Employers currently providing an Employer Boost to 12, with PNG Power, Gaming Control Board, National ICT Authority and Nambawan Super already offering support to staff through employer boosts.

Read more in our November edition of Nambawan SuperTok newsletter.

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