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At Nambawan Super, we are committed to supporting Members to achieve their best retirement. Our new Financial Literacy programs offers members FREE, trusted superannuation advice, and the financial skills and tools needed in difficult times to safeguard their well-being now and into retirement.

 Free member training now available

We’re excited to offer Members, 5 modules of our FREE, fully certified Financial Literacy Training course.


What Members who have done the training say

I’ve become more financially literate and appreciate the opportunity provided by Nambawan Super.

Mark Valuka

I am now able to better plan how I use my money every fortnight, for short-term use like Christmas or special events, and also for long-term savings and investments like building or buying my house. All these are possible by becoming a contributing member to Nambawan Super and accessing its many benefits. 

Sophia Bilong

I have undergone some training, this has helped me to now start realistically planning for life after I retire, when I am no longer formally employed and/or earning an income.

Philip Oki

I just finished the training and I know that as soon as I get home I will work on my two-week budget immediately as there is no time to waste when it comes to savings.

I personally would like this training to go to every Papua New Guinean and especially to the next generation, our children, that are just graduating and entering the workforce. I feel that it is an urgent need to help improve our Country by taking back control of our personal finance and start a better savings culture.

Abigail Wariambo

Before the NSL Financial Literacy Training I never gave much thought to things like emergency savings or the other forms of savings that people can also have.

With the knowledge I got from this training, I’ve decided to start straight away and do my detailed fortnightly budget and I am also seriously thinking about opening a new bank account specifically for emergency savings.

Vivienne Terea

Before this training, I had a basic understanding of budgeting but this NSL training has provided me with a deeper understanding and some new ideas on how to better manage my money.

I encourage more people, whether you are at the start of your career or approaching retirement, to take this training and learn about how you can improve your knowledge of savings and take advantage of Nambawan Super’s products.

Sai Ugufa

I would really like to encourage my friends and colleagues who are members, to attend the NSL Financial Literacy Training because it is really helpful with improving their personal finances which will benefit them in the long run.

 Straight after the training, I quickly spoke to my Office Manager to set up a full office training for all my colleagues so that they have the chance to learn all the things that I just learned.

Martina Oki

Planning for Retirement Why are we doing this?

Your retirement success is our business!

Our Financial Literacy Training will provide you with a great opportunity for you to assess your personal finances and track where you are in your journey towards reaching your retirement dreams.

Not happy where you are financially, right now? Confirm your course participation today and gain the right skills and tools to look deeper into your current and future expenses, including preparing for emergencies. It’s never too late to improve your financial wellbeing, and we’re always here to help you.

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We can tailor our courses to suit your business needs and provide a venue for the training.

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