To earn profit & interest

Superannuation funds invest Members’ contributions to earn profits for our Members which helps grow their retirement savings over the long term so that when they retire they get back more than what they put in.   Investing in this way helps support Members financially during retirement when they have to rely on their own savings for daily expenses.  

To beat inflation

When Members save in Superannuation, most years they generally earn interest on their savings. Without this interest, Members would lose value on their savings due to inflation.   Inflation causes a general increase in the price of goods and services, which reduces the buying power of each person over time. This means that the same amount of money can buy fewer goods and services over the years. For example, K100 could buy a full trolley of shopping in 1990, but in 2023, K100 may only be enough for one basket of shopping.

Invest for PNG’s growth

Super funds also invest Members’ money to support PNG’s growth. They invest in Government bonds, properties, and local businesses. These investments help fund development projects and improve business productivity, which creates jobs and provides affordable goods and services for a growing population.

Collective investment power

Super Funds help Members to invest in properties and businesses that they may not be able to fund on their own.  Nambawan Super manages over K9 billion belonging to our 214,000 Members. While individually a Member would not be able to build a property or run a large business, together as Members of Nambawan Super, they are proud owners of key properties and companies across PNG through Nambawan Super’s Investments.

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